Christ Evangelical Church” (Hristova Jevandjeoska Crkva) is a Pentecostal church in Serbia and is affiliated with the  Assembles of God. Its headquarters are in Subotica, Ivana zajca 17.
The church was formally registered in 1950 under the name of Christ’s Infant-Baptising Spiritual Church, although the church was in existence in Serbia (Yugoslavia) since 1907.
In 1964 the church changed its name to Christ Spiritual Evangelical Church (because the church accepted the teaching concerning adult baptism).
Due to changes in the law on Churches and Religious Communities in 2006, in order to align the name of the church with the law, it was registered under the new name of Christ Evangelical Church (Department of Religion of the Republic of Serbia; number:080-00-24/2011-10).
Christ Evangelical Church in Serbia is a participating member of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship