Joseph and Alice Lear, appointed Assemblies of God missionaries. have been ministering in Serbia since 2010. Their vision, together with the AoG Serbia is to reach the Balkans with evangelism, through the establishment of local churches and the preparation of servants of God.
Joseph received his doctorate from Westminster Theological Seminary, and Alice is a graduate in the field of mission and theology.
They previously served a number of years in West Africa, in Mali and Burkina Faso. They were involved in evangelistic campaigns, the establishment of local churches, children’s ministry and in translation. They also helped in the establishment of a school for literacy in the Bambara language and taught in Bambara Bible school in Burkina Faso. Before they became missionaries with the Assemblies of God in 1989, they were missionaries in USA and started a church in Paterson, NJ.
They also served as missionaries to Global University in Springfield, MO, and were involved in building courses for spiritual service in French and English. Joseph wrote a training course for marriage counseling and also coordinated a project for writing a course for evangelism and discipleship.